Sunday, 10 March 2013

Dynamics GP and Its Pricing

Mid market businesses will find that the Dynamics GP software by Microsoft is one of great use to them. The software is basically accounting software that is common amongst businesses in North and South America, Singapore, Australia, UK, New Zealand and many other countries across the globe. In order for the data to be stored on the software, the Microsoft SQL server (either 2005 or 2008) is used. The software was actually an innovation by a company called Great Plains, operating in North Dakota, United States. Microsoft later took over the company for a sum of $1.1 billion and therefore bought off the software as well. The language of the software is known as dexterity.
Regardless of the business size, the software will be suitable for all. However, in order to make use of the software, you will first need to purchase it. The purchase price should comfortably fit into your budget in order to justify the buy. The price of the software might initially seem very high, but in the long run, with the software installed in your company, you are likely to face low operation costs for your operations. This will in turn lead to an increase in your profitability. However, the purchase price of the software shouldn't be the only factor that you must take into consideration when buying the Dynamics GP; you will need to consider how well the software will perform for your business if it has been implemented, the cost of installing the software in the entire organization, and the level of after sales service you will receive upon buying the software. If all of these are of a satisfactory level for your business, it is best to buy the software.
When it comes to the pricing of the Dynamics GP, you can expect the software to cost anywhere between $1000 to $2500. There are variations in prices because each Dynamics GP software is sold as a package with other applications besides the software itself. Furthermore, the pricing structure for the software has been designing keeping in mind the different needs of the businesses in the market and their respective budget sizes and affordability. Depending on who you are buying the software from, you can ask for a discount or negotiate about the pricing to make the Dynamics GP software more affordable for you.
The higher the level of functionality offered by the Dynamics GP package, the higher you can expect the package to cost you. For instance, the SL Foundation and CRM, a package of the Dynamics GP software, is priced the highest among other packages simply because this offers more functions as compared to the others. Furthermore, sellers are allowed to keep their margins on the sale of the software, so their margins cause variances in prices too.
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