Wednesday, 20 March 2013

iPad For Beginners - How To Set Up A New iPad

The iPad is an awesome device and it can make it much easier to browse the web, enjoy music and other media and download millions of apps for both fun and productivity. However if you are new to Apple or more specifically the iPad you may run into a bit of guesswork when you go to set up the device for the first time!
In fact to set up the iPad in the quickest fashion you will need:
An iPad (just in case you missed this one!)
A Computer
Latest version of iTunes
iTunes account
Wireless connection
Step 1: The first thing you need to do if you haven't already is remove the iPad from its box and connect it to your computer using the USB connector. Most computers will have USB connectors on the back and sometimes the front.
Step 2: You need to activate it with the latest version of iTunes and your iTunes account. Now if you do not already have an iTunes account you can download iTunes from and you simply need to follow the instructions. In most cases if you have plugged in the iPad to your computer and you have not got iTunes installed already you will be asked to sign up for an account.
Step 3: You can then use iTunes to transfer music and other media from your computer to your iPad. In most cases all you need to do is open up iTunes and then drag and drop the media you want on your iPad to the iPad section on iTunes.
Step 4: Once everything is complete transferring you can unplug the iPad from your computer and start using it.
To turn it on you can push the power button in the top right, or push the Home button which is at the bottom in the middle of the device.
Once you have done that you can slide your finger from where the arrow starts across to the right to unlock the iPad. From there you will see a lot of icons and EVERYTHING you do on the iPad is controlled by touch. So you just need to start exploring, maybe start from the top left and explore what each icon does.
If you hold the iPad horizontally it will adjust the screen so you can have a widescreen or if you hold it vertically it will go back to standard.
You will get about 10 hours of use with a full charged battery.
Once you have the basics covered you will be ready to connect to a Wi-fi network and browse the web and also set up an email account with your iPad.

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