Friday, 1 March 2013

Save Yourself From Hacking: Techniques and Tips

Anybody can fall prey to hackers by downloading malicious softwares, using insecure browsers and by losing the privacy of their passwords. So, let's discuss some techniques and tips to save ourselves from being hacked:

· KeyScramblers: Keylogger is a type of commonly used hack tool to hack Facebook, Gmail and other email accounts etc. To avoid being hacked by it, the user must have Anti-keylogger software installed on their system. The simplest and the easiest way to protect yourself from keyloggers, is to install KeyScramblers. It helps in encrypting your keystrokes in the kernel and decrypting it at the destination, while leaving the Keyloggers within decipherable keys to record. It provides a reliable layer of defense in personal offices, family and businesses.

· Disable JavaScript: JavaScript is a popular programming language being used in majority of websites all over the internet making it the best option for hackers to add the malware products. Disabling JavaScript can help the user in avoiding hacking. There is also an extension, No Script in Firefox Browser which allows only trusted websites to run JavaScript.

· CHMOD Permissions: To allow different level of access on your server, CHMOD File Permissions provide a specific value to every file/folder which ranges from 000 to 777. The permission to access various files can be decided at your will and with the help of ftp, these can even be changed.

· Using HTTPS: As we all know most websites we work upon start with an "http" extension but through this, the hackers can easily eavesdrop on the internet traffic of your connection to get the details. So, to avoid this, use the "https" browser extension which helps in encrypting online communications which hackers can't access.

· Remote Login Should Be Off: Remote login is used whenever someone wants to SSH or Secure Shell into your computer. If it's turned off, then nobody can remotely access your machine and can prevent hacking up to some level.

· OTR (Off-the-Record) Messaging: It's the technique which allows instant messaging by providing encryption, authentication and deniability. By having this service, hackers can't have access to your online conversations.
Besides these techniques, the basic things which every normal user must follow to increase the level of security on his/her system are: avoid spammy websites, clearing the cookies in the browser regularly, not using generic usernames, adding more security to the ports, etc. The other main requirements of computer-security are using updated anti-virus software, activating firewall, updating the operating system and using secured payment gateways.
By following all of these steps, you will have made it extremely difficult for a hacker to misuse your system, account or any other hackable entity.
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