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Error Messages on Start-Up - Issues and Solutions

Expert Author Almenda Eddie
It must be really annoying to spot those error messages on start-up as soon you switch on your system. Several reasons can be attributed as to why these errors crop up. A start-up message error is usually easier to rectify as the user already knows what the issue of concern with the system is.
Hence, it becomes easier to address these kinds of errors. At the same time it also depends on the type of error as some are much harder than others to rectify. Here is a look at some of the reasons why error messages occur on start-up and how to go about them.
Reasons for message errors on start-up
Hardware malfunctions: There have been many instances where the hardware has malfunctioned and has resulted in error message pop ups during start-up.
Corrupt file or Software:This is another frequently witnessed menace. When there are corrupt software's or files in the system it ends up affecting its performance. The corruption of software might occur through any form. Even drivers tend to get affected, which then start troubling the system during the booting process itself.
Virus Infection:When people don't use any antivirus they are more or less certain to attract virus and other malware in their system sooner than later. The virus programs then slowly begins to wreck the normal functions of the computer and leads to the corruption of various software's possibly including that of even the OS.
System misconfiguration:This kind of issue crops up rarely compared to the above three, but do occur now and then.
Solutions to error messages on start-up
The possibilities and the reasons behind getting one of these error messages is actually pretty long and difficult to predict unless you spot the error in the system yourself. In such instances sorting and resolving the error might be a little cumbersome and might possibly even require expert help. However, these kinds of issues do not crop up often with all people.
Some of the commonly found errors have been enlisted here and your own computer might possibly be affected by one of these. They are:-
"Windows could not start as the following file was missing"
"NTLDR is missing. Press any key to restart"
"Error loading Operating System"
"BOOTMGR is not available. Press Ctrl Alt Del to restart"
"Hal.dll file is either missing or corrupt. Kindly reinstall a copy of the same file"
After you have managed to spot the kind of error affecting your system you can try your luck with PC support. Type out your error in the search column and see the set of instructions that needs to be followed. Try out if those options work. In case, they don't work there are also other features that the user can try.
Some of them are:-
System Restore:Restores your system to originally saved status.
Recovery Console:Help you run various commands during the process of booting.
Safe Mode:You can boot your system in this mode that will use the minimal set of drivers, which creates a record of the drivers that load.
Automated System recovery: You use your backup to restore previous settings.
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